An Introduction to Baby Wearing

August 09, 2017

An Introduction to Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is when mothers choose to wear their baby by wrapping them in some sort of fabric. It's a great way of carrying a baby around because your hands are free to do other things. It has been done by new mothers far and wide for centuries, but today's baby wearing is more fun and fashionable because there are specific companies who bring out adorable baby carriers. Baby wearing isn't just a silly fad, however. There are also a number of benefits of baby wearing for both you and your little one:

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

Baby wearing is great for many reasons. It helps you and your child develop a strong bond because they are right by your side when you're out and about. Here are some more benefits of baby wearing:

A Smiling Baby

Because your baby can hear your heartbeat and tune in with your bodily rhythms, it is more tranquil and content. A baby that you wear is a happy, smiling baby.

A Healthy Baby

Did you know that baby wearing is good for your baby's health? A baby is still developing after it leaves the womb, so it is vulnerable. When you carry your baby, you help it to grow strong and healthy by allowing it to regulate its own bodily functions in accordance with yours.


A mother or father who wears their baby is reassured about the health of them because they are right there when the baby needs them. Being so close to the child allows the parent to discern when they need something, because the close contact will immediately alert them of anything they need to do.

Bonding with Caregivers

Mothers and fathers of the baby aren't the only ones who get the benefit of baby wearing. If you have a caregiver in the family, or even a professional one, they can use it too. Doing so will help them to strengthen the bond between themselves and the child. Moreover, when you and your partner are out on a date, you can relax and enjoy yourselves more knowing that the person looking after them is right there with the child in their arms.

Is Baby Wearing Safe?

Yes, baby wearing is perfectly safe, as long as you make sure to follow some basic safety rules:


Always carry your baby in an upright position so that their airway stays open. When nursing or snuggling in a chair it's okay to hold them in a horizontal or cradle position, but when you're walking around carrying the baby this position isn't safe.


The product you use to carry your baby around in is important. Make sure it's the right size for your baby. One that's too small will make them uncomfortable, while one too big is unsafe as they are rocked around too much when on the move and could slip out accidentally.

Carrier Inspection

Always make sure that the carrier you use is in good condition. Look for signs of wear and tear or damage before using it. Buying a good quality one is a much better investment than simply using cheap material that is prone to weak spots and loose stitching.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are a number of ways to carry your baby: on the front or the back or side, for example. The front carry allows you to see exactly what your baby is doing but it can strain your back over time. The back carry spreads the weight out more evenly, but you can't see your baby. Whichever position you prefer: practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more confident you will be.

Types of Carriers

Here are some of our favorite carriers for baby wearing:

Structured Carriers

Lillebaby Four Season

The Lillebaby Four Season carrier is a hybrid carrier with a temperature control panel that keeps your baby nice and cool if you're out walking in the summer. You can zip it up for warmth in cooler weather, or down when the sun is beating. It's lightweight, so you won't have to worry about the extra weight of carrying your baby around.

Beco Gemini

The Beco Gemini carrier just looks so comfortable for both you and your baby. The straps are thick and padded so you won't get sore shoulders, and it's a real cosy carrier for your baby. You can use it all day long and wash it safely in the machine when it needs. You can do four different positions with it, and it's even suitable for newborns.
Tailored for your busy lifestyle without any of the distractions. The Beco Gemini is suitable for all day use and allows you to carry your baby in a seat that’s comfortable and safe for both of you.


This one's a little different. There are multiple positions you can choose with the Ergo carrier. One is them is when your baby is face forward on the front of you so he or see can look out at all of the interesting things going out while you're carrying them. It also boasts a wide waistband to help support your back while you're baby wearing, because sometimes carrying them around all day can really take its toll.

Soft Structured Carriers

Soft structured carriers are just structured carriers that are a little softer. In other words, they mould themselves to the unique shape of your baby as opposed to coming in a pre-defined shape. Here is our favorite soft structured carrier:

Maman Kangarou Asiatik

The Asiatik is somewhere between the Mei Tai and the stretchy wrap. It has a wonderfully simple and comfortable design using a soft fabric that will ensure both you and your loved one are comfortable all day long. You can wear this carrier in more than three positions, too.


Slings are a more laid-back version of baby-wearing. It's up to you as a parent whether you prefer the structure of the structured carriers, the comfort of the slings, or the middle ground offered by soft structured carriers. Here are our favorite slings:

Maman Kangarou The Ring Sling

The ring sling is made from Maman Kangourou’s woven wrap. It comes in some beautiful colors like the summer rain design: perfect for mothers who have a hippy streak. If you prefer classic design, it also comes in simple black. This is basically a sling with a ring that allows you to tighten or loosen the carrier to suit your needs.

Maman Kangarou Aussie Pouch

The Maman Kangarou Aussie pouch comes in a wide range of colors including denim and capuchino. It is also available in a number of sizes, too. From extra small to extra large, this pouch is suitable for all shapes and sizes of babies.


Wraps are like slings but even more free, in that you pretty much just tie them yourself. They are usually thinner and more lightweight than slings, too. Here are two of our favorite wraps for you to try out:

Maman Kangarou Woven Wrap

The Maman Kangarou woven wrap is 100% cotton and is really lightweight. The wrap can be positioned in a variety of ways so you can carry your baby in whatever way is most convenient.

Human + Mother

Manufactured in Canada

Made of 100% Lenzing Modal® / luxuriously soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological

Tapered ends to ensure less bulk

$2 of every wrap sold helps reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate around the world

Finished with matching thread and lots of love

One size fits most


Don't Get Carried Away!

Now that you've been introduced to the parenting style of baby wearing and have lots of carriers to choose from, don't get carried away. Enjoy carrying your baby!

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