Intro To Cloth Diapers - worth considering?

July 19, 2017

Intro To Cloth Diapers - worth considering?

The short answer is a resounding 'yes'. When you first hear the term 'cloth diapers', you would be forgiven for imagining a bit of sheet fabric fastened together with safety pins. This is the popular misconception about cloth diapers. Perhaps this was the early, prehistoric version? Luckily, the cloth diapers you can get today are a lot more advanced and practical.

They're much more absorbent than you may assume too. Cheaper, better for your baby, and environmentally friendly: it's time to try them out! Here are some innovative companies who sell exceptional cloth diaper products:

Lil Helper

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers started up in 2009. It was the brain child of two friends who met in university: Mohammed Gandhi and Nader Abu El Samid. They wanted to make a better and more affordable cloth diaper. A small business with a personal feel, this company is continuously striving to reach perfection with regards to their goods and services.

Take their charcoal insert set, for example. This innovative product is designed in Canada and is very cost-effective. You get two inserts in one pack: one large and one small. Both inserts have a clever mechanism that allows them to snap into place: you take the standard cloth diaper and simply clip the inserts in. Your baby can squirm and move around all night, and they'll stay put!

Plus, they're really good at absorbing moisture. Both inserts are made of a mix of charcoal and polyester, packed with eight layers of protections so you and your little one can rest peacefully for the entire night.

You might think this already sounds too good to be true, but there's more: charcoal is a hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial material that also acts as a natural deodorizer. Polyester is absorbent and moisture wicking, ensuring that baby feels dry.  No more diaper rash! It really doesn't get much better!


KangaCare began in 2006 when a mother, Julie, found that her second daughter was highly sensitive to disposable diapers. Julie decided to do something about it, and ended up sewing her very own cloth diaper design after being disappointed with the ones she tried.

Her design was so good that she patented it under the brand 'The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper' as the first cloth diaper with inner gusset leak proof technology. The innovative design fits most babies and infants. These highly absorbent cloth diapers are now sold all over the world. Julie and her husband Chad really improved the capability of cloth diapers. The ones they tried before simply wouldn't hold enough of the baby's mess! Their updated design can really compete with the absorbency of disposables.

Not only this, but KangaCare has a range of lines for all shapes and sizes of baby. For example, their 'Lil Joey' collection is perfect for tiny babies. It's clear that KangaCare is taking the cloth diaper world by storm!




Applecheeks is an innovating reusable diapering company that uses advances in textile technology to perfect their cloth diapers. The diapers they offer are amazingly trim fitting and fully washable. Your baby is a lot more comfortable when they wear an Applecheeks diaper, because the material is flexible and stretchy, allowing for a snug fit. Not only this, but they have the most adorable diaper patterns. Your baby no longer has to move around in a saggy plastic diaper: instead, they get to look cute while wearing a much more breathable one.

The best thing about Applecheeks is that they have different sizes of diaper for different stages and regularly release new patterns for their product lines. One of their most inventive products has to be their Learning Pants. After transitioning from diapers, kids who can wear underwear but still have the occasional accident can put on Learning Pants to ease them into controlling their bladder more confidently. The designs of this product are so cute you'll probably want to buy them all!

 Applecheeks also make one of the best reusable swim diapers on the market. Slim, fashionable and effective, these swim diapers are perfect for pool, ocean or lake. Starting at 6lbs, these swim diapers are perfect for even the smallest of swimmers. These are an essential for every water-loving family!

Cloth Versus Disposable

Supply and demand is a basic economic principle. Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular. The more popular they become, the more their design improves. It's clear that they're becoming a realistic way of keeping your baby dry and comfortable. Here are some important factors that really put disposable diapers to shame:


Cloth diapers are re-usable; disposable diapers aren't. Babies go through literally thousands of disposable diapers as they transition to potty training. Remember, not only do you re-use your cloth diapers from day to day but child to child too! Cloth is built to last and in a disposable world that means a lot of savings. Cloth diapered baby’s potty train earlier, so you are not only saving money, but time too! Can you imagine the cost if you added it all up? Cloth diapers are a much cheaper way of bringing up your little one.

Environmentally Friendly

Can you imagine a landfill that just contained the disposable diapers used in America? It would be a mountain competing with Mount Everest! Cloth diapers are much more environmentally friendly because you're technically recycling them every time you flush solid waste down the toilet and wash them like you would any other clothing item.

You may be worried about your Hydro bill with all this extra washing, let’s break down the washing routine. Babies go through multiple outfits, bibs, swaddles and burp cloths all day. All of this sounds like a lot, but it adds up to a very small daily washing load, which wastes water and energy. Add your cloth diaper to your laundry and you get more value per wash (yes, it’s perfectly hygienic; it all comes out in the wash!). Also think about all the water and energy that goes into manufacturing disposables, not to mention the pollution. Cloth diapering helps the environment and cloth diapering helps you save money too, it’s a win-win.

Better For Your Baby

Cloth diapers are made from gentler and more natural materials that won't irritate their skin or give them nappy rash. Imagine walking around wearing plastic all day: it makes you sweat, it makes you chafe, and it gives you rashes. Now, what parent doesn't want the best for their baby? Cloth diapers are truly more baby-friendly. The materials used in making cloth diapers are soft textures that soothe your baby's skin, giving them maximum comfort and tranquility. Cloth diapers offer you the opportunity to put only natural fibers against baby’s skin. Take your pick from cotton, hemp or bamboo; just remember to give them 3-5 prewashes to bulk up their absorbency. This sounds like a lot of washing, but you can just add them to your regular laundry and before you know it, they’re ready to go!

Tip: It's best to use a washable or flushable liner when applying medicated creams or ointments to your baby. On the plus side, the chances of your baby getting a rash while using cloth diapers are greatly reduced. There are plenty of diaper creams out there that go hand in hand with cloth diapers, and generally they are far better for baby’s delicate skin.

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