beginnings - welcome to baby on the hip

July 27, 2016 1 Comment

beginnings - welcome to baby on the hip



  1. the point in time or space at which something starts.

synonyms: dawn, birth, inception, conception

As we launch our new website i’m struck by the synchronicity of beginnings. We are jumping on the forward moving, social media, web buying culture; moving our west end store into a new neighbourhood and on a personal note, I am embracing my new role as grandmother.

Everything starts with a thought or an idea. baby on the hip was an original store concept when it first landed in Leslieville almost 10 years ago. A place where items for babies that were more unique, thoughtfully manufactured, organic where possible, could be found.

We now live in a time and culture where consumers expect these options to be available. We continue to seek out products based on that initial vision, supporting local businesses where we can and taking time to find the “originals” in as many categories as we can.

Our hope is that the customers who visit our web store will get the same welcome and sense of care and community that we strive to offer everyone who shops in our brick and mortar stores.

We are currently preparing to open our new store location in the junction here in Toronto. We are so excited to be in a neighbourhood where families young and old choose to live. we are looking forward to bringing all things “baby on the hip” to a broader group.

And then… it is the time for me to embrace becoming a grandmother for the first time… as we jettison into modern day with our website launch and move forward with our new store, I am experiencing the pull to the rocking chair in between tasks, looking at all the new babies with new eyes, connecting with other grandparents in a way I could only guess at before.

It’s said that life is an ever changing experience. as we continue on the path that was set for us when baby on the hip opened, we expand and throw our arms open wide, to take in the full experience of these beginnings. Looking forward, while keeping an eye on what’s past, ensuring we stay true to the original dream.

We welcome you and thank you for taking time to get to know us a little better.

Until next time…..wishing you days filled with wonder….. Laurie

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August 18, 2016

You are so sweet Laurie! yeeee! for new beginnings :)

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