What Stroller is Best.....for You?

August 17, 2017

What Stroller is Best.....for You?

What Stroller is Best.....for You?

We often get asked, "What is the best stroller you sell?" And the answer we give is, "whichever stroller is the best match for your family and lifestyle". There are several really great stroller manufacturers. And each one has features that could make it the best match for different families.

Questions to ask yourself when starting to consider which stroller is right for you:

  1. Will the stroller be your main source of daily transportation with the baby - or will you be in and out of a car, or on and off public transit?
  2. Do you need to be able to transport one or more than one baby/child in the stroller?
  3. If you just need for one infant now....do you have plans to have more children in the next couple of years?
  4. How much basket room do you need for transporting items while out and about?
  5. How much storage space do you have in your home when stroller is not in use?
  6. Do you have ample space in trunk or back of vehicle for transporting stroller?
  7. Are you expecting to do any jogging or hiking with your baby in the stroller?
  8. Would you describe the experience you're looking to have with a stroller as urban or sporty? Combination?
  9. Are you expecting to travel?

Some strollers are in stock quite readily and others may have a wait time between ordering and receiving. It is good to do your research early so you'll have time (very occasionally 2-3 months may be needed) to order and receive the stroller that is the best fit for you.

Baby on the Hip has several floor models for you to come in and try out in-store. It's a great opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for the fit and practicality of different strollers.

TIP: not all strollers and car seats are compatible. It can save time and energy to decide which stroller will best meet your needs and then choose a compatible car seat.

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