water baby neck floatie

water baby

A neck floatie to make bath and swim time fun for both babies and parents. With secure support, your baby has free movement to experience water in a fun new way.   Water baby helps increase confidence, coordination, exploration, learning, and giggles! 

Whether in the tub or pool, the water baby neck floatie allows you and your baby to safely enjoy swim time.   


What makes water so great?

With an adjustable neck opening, premium snap closures, dual air chambers, and an extra thick casing, water baby is designed forsecurity.

With the softest, highest-grade, toxin-free and latex-free plastic, with printing on the inside, water baby is made for safety. 

With smooth edges, a cushioned chin rest, an expandable opening, and soft material, water baby provides premium comfort.

With a unique and smart modern design, water baby moves beyond pink and blue and into the future.

With fast shipping from Vancouver Island, Canada, water baby is ready for swim time!

Suitable For:

Ages: 2 to 18 months; or 5.5 kg (12lbs) to 13 kg (29lbs).


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