applecheeks stay-dry microterry inserts (2 pack)


AppleCheeks Stay-Dry Microterry Inserts are available in a convenient one size pack of two, one for in the diaper, one for the wash!

These new inserts are an innovative approach to the hybrid diapering system:

  • Each insert has a white side (stay-dry microFLEECE side) and a white with red stitching and label side (absorbent microTERRY side).
  • When placed on the cover for the cover+insert method, the white side faces UP.
  • When placed in the cover for the pocket mention, the red stitching side faces UP.
  • The label on the microterry side indicates that this side is not to go against baby's skin.

Use these inserts alone for daytime use, or in combination with AppleCheek's 2-pli and 3-pli inserts for super nighttime absorbency!


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