himalayan salt lamp

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Parenthood can be overwhelming, especially in the early days before your child can communicate effectively to let you know what they need. From sleepless nights to eczema, children can suffer from a range of issues, and as parents we suffer right along with them.  

If you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredients on a baby skincare product at your local supermarket then you’ll know that just because something is targeted at children doesn’t mean that it is free of ‘nasties’. If your child is sensitive, then what you use to care for one problem might be exacerbating another. 

If you’re concerned about what you’re putting into, onto, or near your child’s body, but you still want to relieve their discomforts and get a good night’s sleep, read on!   

Using a Himalayan salt lamp as a nightlight in your baby’s room is a wonderful way to relieve a range of health concerns and tackle sleep problems at the same time.   

The Himalayan salt lamp will produce a mellow and relaxing glow so that your child doesn’t wake up in a dark room, and you are able to navigate the room during the night, without disturbing the baby by turning on the main light.

Salt lamps are known for creating a peaceful, relaxing and calming environment and are often used to help treat adults suffering from insomnia. Having a lamp in your child’s room will help your children fall asleep faster and they are ideal for helping with periods of sleeplessness through the night.   

The salt lamp will also act as an air purifier, removing positive ions from the air and releasing negative ions into the atmosphere of the room leaving the air cleaner for your child. In addition, the lamp will clear the room of electro smog, reduce humidity and remove dust mites. This is particularly helpful for children who suffer from asthma or congestion and will significantly improve your child’s overall lung health.   

A Himalayan salt lamp can also help with uncomfortable skin conditions. As the salt lamp is warmed by the bulb inside, it will attract moisture from the air, creating a dryer environment, which will relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, cradle cap and psoriasis. 

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