micro knee/elbow pad set

Kickboard Canada Inc.


Protect your child's knees and elbows from bumps and scrapes with MICRO Elbow & Knee Pads.

Designed for safety, comfort and style these pads come in Black with light blue stripes. Both elbow and knee pads are included in each pack.  

Sizing Information: To ensure that you get the correct pads for your child please refer to the sizing guide below. The dimensions listed are the for inner circumference of the straps. Please measure around the elbow/knee just above the joint for an accurate guide.

  • Extra-Small (Approx. 1-3 yrs)  Elbow 15 - 20cm / Knee 20 - 26cm
  • Small (Approx. 2-6 yrs)            Elbow 16 - 21cm / Knee 23 - 28cm 
  • Medium (Approx. 6-12 yrs)      Elbow 18 - 22cm / Knee 26 - 35cm 
  • Large (Approx. 12+ yrs)           Elbow 21 - 26cm / Knee 29 - 40cm 

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