papoum papoum bamboo cuddly friend

papoum papoum


Papoum, Papoum cuddly friends are soft and earth-friendly plush toys for our precious ones.


  • Handmade in Québec with love, very silky bamboo/organic cotton velour (no harmful dye)and recycled polyester stuffing.
  • Naturally gifted at cuddling, comforting and laughing.
  • Has a small and safe rattle insert that makes a soft sound for more moments of wonder.
  • Measures approximately 25 cm

Special Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable 
*Disclaimer* The elephant's inside ear pattern is not guaranteed to be as shown in the picture. This product is handmade and therefore each elephant created has a design based on available material by the company. Only the the inside ear pattern varies. All other aspects of the elephant remain as shown.

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