papoum papoum sweet pea baby organic teething ring

papoum papoum


Its pyjama is stuffed with sheep wool, which warms up when held, giving the comforting feeling of a living being and also absorbs the smells, so it will comfort little children by reminding them of the smells of home. His head is filled with recycled polyester (made from water bottles).

The natural hardwood ring is just perfect for teething. Smooth and natural eco-friendly wooden rings from strictly controlled forests of Central Europe. No chemicals, artificial additives or solvents are used, only a thin coat of CERTIFIED POLLUTANTS-FREE VARNISH finish. This finish gives the wooden ring a natural glow and make it more durable.


  • Handwash in warm water, as often as desired, without the ring.
  • Sweet pea baby is made of organic cotton woven in Montreal.

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