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tiny feet

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A Grandmother making eco friendly baby booties

"I first began crafting booties for my granddaughter. She wore them all the time; inside the house to avoid slipping, over her onesie pijama’s, even outside on cold days instead of winter boots! I received so much positive feedback from my daughter and her mommy friends that before I knew it I was constructing more and more of these booties. And so, Tiny Feet was born!
Because of my desire to remain as sustainable as possible, I vowed to construct these boots with the upmost of care. These booties are made entirely by hand in Toronto, Canada. They are crafted from 100% recycled yarn and upcycled leather, thus greatly reducing our impact on the environment. The products used in the construction of the booties are very durable, which means moms can hand them down from baby to baby and wont be throwing them out after one season.
Tiny Feet booties are beautifully crafted, warm and come in a variety of colours for babies through to toddler years. They are oh-so-soft and breathable. The soles are made of non-slip leather, which truly make walking a breeze. They help socks stay on, and give a good grip for crawlers and little walkers."


Every bootie will fit narrow feet or wide feet because of the soft construction. They make a perfect baby gift and a wonderful newborn keepsake.

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