Uppababy Vista Rumbleseat Adapter

uppa baby

UPPAbaby adapters allow you to attach rumbleseat to the lower part of the 2015+ Vista. (Same as Lower Adapters just previous name and packaging)


Consumers who own a RumbleSeat (SKU #0252, #0186, #0191, #0200, #0216, #0196), manufactured between September 2014 and November 2016, will be provided with new 2017 RumbleSeat adapters. Those consumers who registered their RumbleSeats will automatically receive 2017 RumbleSeat adapters. If a consumer did not register her/his product, we recommend contacting uppababy directly. This is not a recall. Recalls can only be announced by government agencies. This is a proactive initiative by UPPAbaby.

Follow link for more information on Rumbleseat attachment for 2014 or older models. https://uppababy.com/rumbleseat-adapters/


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